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About Monica Deutsch Physical Therapy

Doctor Monica Deutsch is a licensed Physical Therapist and southern California native. She was a competitive soccer player since 5 years old. She knew she wanted to be in the profession of health and helping people from a very young age.

She was always interested in the human mind, so she pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley. She then spend some time traveling the world and living in foreign countries. After the fun of volunteering and working abroad, she knew she had to go back to school and continue her education in Physical Therapy. She loved learning about the human body and how we can best take care of it to live a fulfilling life.

Hand Massage

Expert Care, Personalized Approach

As an athlete, she knew many people who were quickly given pain medication for any injury and recommended surgery for issues as the first line of defense! Knowing the human body’s amazing capacity to heal, she knew she had to help people by showing them how to care for their bodies better. She graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Chicago at Illinois with honors. Since then, she has worked in various outpatient clinics in Chicago and California, treating thousands of patients with different kinds of injuries.

Monica is a life-long learner. She has dedicated an extensive amount of time and money towards continuing her education in her field to give her patients the best results possible. She has taken advanced courses in manual therapy focusing on high velocity thrust manipulations, functional mobilization, spinal seminars, CoreFirst Strategies as well as application of vagus nerve treatments. She continues to attend PT conferences nationwide and participate in educational opportunities.

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